AA 10" and up
A  8" to 10"
B 6" to 8"
BB 4" to 6"
M Up to 4"
BA Over 3.5"
MB 2" to 3.5"
P Up to 2"
S Over 2"
MS Up to 2"
FD Formel Decorative
ID Informal Decorative
SC Semi cactus
C Straight cactus
IC Incurved cactus
LC Laciniated
S  Single
MS Mignon single
BA Ball 
MB Miniature ball
P Pompon
WL Waterlily
AN Anemone
PE Peony
O Orchid
OT Orchette
CO Collarette
ST  Stellar
NO Novelty open
NX Novelty double center
BI Bicolor
BR Bronze
DB Dark blend
DP Dark pink
DR Dark red
FL Flame
L Lavender
LB Light blend
OR Orange
PK Pink
PR Purple
R Red
V Variegated
W White
Y Yellow